Draft Welcome

Tandridge Learning Trust was established in May 2017 by a group of schools that understood the importance of local schools serving their local community, common core values and the commitment to meeting the needs of every child.  We recognise and respect the unique culture and ethos of each individual school and have high aspirations for every child and every school; sharing best practice and inter-school collaboration to improve teaching, learning and outcomes for children.

Our vision:

To create a community of excellent schools dedicated to constant improvement and achieving the best for everyone.

Our guiding principles:

  • Learning will be challenging and enjoyable.
  • We will provide the broadest possible range of learning experiences.
  • We will develop confident, considerate and resilient members of the community
  • Everyone will achieve the most they possibly can.
  • Everyone will behave in a manner that reflects our core values of commitment, honesty, kindness and respect.
  • Everyone will feel safe, supported, happy and valued.
  • We will cherish individuality and celebrate difference.

Our core values:

Core Values VENN Diagram

Our commitments:

We recognise, respect and support the unique culture and ethos of each individual school.

We will collaborate to create strong and sustainable schools: sharing best practice to improve teaching and outcomes for all our learners.

We will welcome more schools that share our common core values and understand the importance of serving their local communities.

Nick Bradwell
Chief Executive Officer

Karen Quinton
Chair of Trust Board

Bletchingley Village Primary School   Hamsey Green Primary School   Tatsfield Primary School   Warlingham School   Woodlea Primary School